Innov8, a co-working startup based in India, sought to establish a distinctive and easily recognisable logo that would stand out in a crowded market while embodying the values of entrepreneurship.
Concept Development

Given the importance of the brand name and the desire for memorability, I opted for a typographic approach in the logo design. The goal was to create a design that not only captured the essence of startup culture but also resonated with the target audience.
Design Iteration

I began with deconstructing the word "Innov8" and identified opportunities to incorporate symbolism relevant to startup ethos within the letterforms. For instance, the 'i' represents the spark of an idea, the 'N' resembles a rising graph, 'o' signifies community, and '8' symbolizes infinity, reflecting the perseverance inherent in the startup journey. Iterating on these concepts, I crafted a welcoming logotype using the rounded Gotham font to convey the friendly and approachable nature of the brand. By stylizing the 'N' to resemble a graph and ensuring consistency and cohesion in the letterforms, I achieved a balanced and visually appealing design.
The flexibility of the logotype allows for adaptation to various formats, such as apps and symbols, by breaking it down into smaller components without compromising its integrity.
Result and Impact

The redesigned logo proved to be highly successful, quickly becoming synonymous with the Innov8 brand across India. Its distinctive design ensures easy recognition, even from a distance. The culmination of my efforts was the acquisition of Innov8 by OYO for approximately 200 crores, underscoring the significant impact of the rebranding initiative.

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