Trademarkability, an Australian trademark platform, sought to revolutionize the process of registering trademarks. Acknowledging the complexities and resource-intensive nature of this endeavour, the company aimed to provide business owners with a streamlined and efficient solution. The goal was to save valuable time and financial resources while ensuring the protection and creation of powerful brands.
The process of trademark registration is often convoluted, requiring extensive research and legal expertise. Business owners faced numerous obstacles, leading to unnecessary costs and delays. Trademarkability recognized the need for a user-friendly, automated platform that would simplify the search and application functions, enabling entrepreneurs to focus on their core business activities.
Brand identity
To establish a compelling brand identity, Trademarkability commissioned the creation of a distinctive logo. The design prominently features a stylized letter "T," serving as a representation of the brand's initials. Positioned strategically in the top right corner is a circular element, symbolizing the traditional placement of trademarks within company logos. This clean and solid mark reflects the brand's core values while ensuring easy replication, even in basic text-editing tools.​​​​​​​
Brand color & typography
The accompanying wordmark employs a legible typeface Inter designed by Rasmus Andersson​​​​​​​, guaranteeing clarity across various sizes and applications. The brand color palette was thoughtfully chosen, consisting of dark green, lime, and light grey. Dark green conveys trust and reliability, instilling confidence in users. Lime represents the brand's digital and modern approach, reflecting its commitment to embracing technological advancements. Lastly, light grey serves as a versatile complement, adapting seamlessly to various textual and physical mediums, such as surfaces and paper.​​​​​​​
Through a strategic branding project, Trademarkability successfully positioned itself as a leading platform in the Australian trademark industry. By delivering an automated and user-friendly solution, the company empowered entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of trademark registration with ease. The distinctive logo, accompanied by a carefully selected color palette, conveyed the brand's values of simplicity, trust, and modernity. Trademarkability's impactful rebranding and innovative platform have solidified its position as a trusted and indispensable resource for businesses seeking trademark protection and brand creation.

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