Brand Overview
Dress Memory Archive is a non-profit organization dedicated to curating a comprehensive repository of memories related to dress and fashion. With a mission to preserve and celebrate the rich tapestry of human experiences intertwined with clothing, DMA aims to bridge the gap between past and present fashion narratives.
Brand Identity
The primary logo for Dress Memory Archive is a striking representation of the brand's core values. The typography prominently features the "Dress Memory Archive," where each letter is delicately connected, resembling threads. This design choice serves as a visual metaphor, symbolising the interconnectedness of fashion and memory. The threads forming the letters emphasise the seamless fusion of these two elements in DMA's mission. In addition to the primary logo, DMA has a secondary logo option to ensure versatility in various contexts. This secondary logo simplifies the design, using only the threads to create the initials "DMA." This minimalistic approach allows for easy application in tight spaces while maintaining the brand's core visual identity.
Brand Colors
DMA's brand colours draw inspiration from the nostalgic hues of an ageing book. The palette evolves from the pristine white of freshly printed pages to the warm, aged tones of yellow and orange that emerge over time. These colours reflect the brand's commitment to preserving memories and evoke a sense of history and tradition. The colour scheme serves as a visual bridge between the past and the present, reinforcing DMA's mission to archive and honour the evolution of fashion narratives.

Fresh White: This colour represents the beginning of a memory, akin to a blank page waiting to be filled. Aged Yellow: Signifying the passage of time, this colour conveys the gradual transformation of memories.​​​​​​​ Vintage Orange: Reflecting the rich history and stories, this colour symbolizes the depth of dress-related memories.
Brand Typography
To ensure readability, clarity, and versatility, DMA has selected a carefully curated combination of typefaces. "Inter" has been chosen for technical details, ensuring that important information is presented clearly and crisply. For the headline and body text, "Domaine" has been adopted. The selection of "Domaine" is particularly noteworthy due to its serif forms, which enhance readability, especially for long paragraphs and small-sized text. This choice aligns with DMA's commitment to preserving the essence of fashion narratives through legible and timeless typography.
Brand Collaboration
When collaborating with different brands or entities, DMA emphasizes the importance of maintaining its logo's integrity. The logo lock-up, when used in conjunction with other logos or brand elements, ensures that DMA's visual identity remains prominent and recognisable. The lock-up design stipulates that DMA's logo should occupy a significant portion of the collaborative artwork, taking up at least 50% of the available space. This requirement ensures that DMA's brand identity is always well-represented and consistent, regardless of the collaborative context.
In conclusion, Dress Memory Archive's brand identity is a harmonious fusion of design elements that reflect its mission to preserve and celebrate fashion memories. The logos, colour palette and typography collectively reinforce DMA's commitment to connecting the threads of fashion and memory, creating a cohesive and memorable brand identity.

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